AFF is a small permaculture farm created for educational purposes. All of our animals and plants are thoughtfully chosen to provide an educational experience for the children we teach. The farmers here feel passionate about local food, and also believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn about where their food comes from and how to raise it!

Our goats will produce milk, cheese and bath products for our community and sustenance. Our chickens provide us with meat and eggs. The donkeys provide our farm with protection from small predators such as fox, and coyote. Guinea hens lay eggs, but they also eat our ticks to help keep the population down and the kids safe! Our ducks lay eggs, and are also bred for meat. The bunnies are mostly for the kids to take care of, but they also will provide us with fiber in future!

We also have over three acres of wooded areas to play and explore. We are located on arrowhead mountain lake and in the winter and summer enjoy the benefits of the water and ice.

Arrowhead Forest Farm goat Phoebe.JPG